Health and Social Care services are now required by law to promote the involvement of patients and their carers and representatives in relation to:

  • The reconfiguration of services
  • Shared decision making
  • Support for self-management
  • Seeking views of the public of a new service
  • Informing the public of new services and opening hours
  • Seeking the public’s views in relation to integrated services

We provide consultancy, training and research to provide you with a bespoke service to consult with patients and the public through multiple means and methods of communication.

We provide a range of services from Consultancy, Training and Research, within a robust process of Data, Information and Clinical Governance. We support you to the develop a strategy of patient and public engagement that facilitates a longer-term engagement strategy to support your service redesign. We support your organisation to be compliant with Section 13Q of the NHS Act 2006 (amended by the Health and Social Care Act 2012).

Our team of highly skilled and professional Associates offer their experience from at least two of the following areas:

  • medically and academically qualified
  • carers of young people with complex needs
  • patients with experience of healthcare
  • patients with experience of a long-term condition
  • senior managers in health and social care
  • senior leaders with MBA / MSc Medical/Health Leadership

We have undertaken work for local authorities, NHS Trusts, the voluntary sector and facilitated service user stakeholder groups to co-design services.

We are highly experienced in working with patients and service users with complex and challenging communication needs and are confident, flexible and dynamic in using a wide range of alternative and augmentative communication systems.

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